One API to Build & Integrate Generative AI Features
In Your SaaS

Use our no-code interface to build complex workflows combining your own data with text, image, video & audio LLMs. Generate API endpoints for your development.

Integrate Generative AI in Your Product
Integrate Generative AI in Your Product
Integrate Generative AI in Your Product
Works with all popular AI models & APIs from
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Accelerate AI feature development & deployment.

Quickly test and configure how your generative AI features work. Build flows between different text, image & audio LLMs, like GPT3.5, GPT4, Stable Audio, Claude, Stable Diffusion XL,PaLM or LLaMA. Run frequent iterations on your setup effortlessly.

Connect data sources

Connect the tools you already have, set up data sources & build your AI feature on top.

Build workflows

Make AI features 10x faster by leveraging our drag & drop workflow builder.

Configure billing

Offer AI at your own, custom defined price points, and grow with your customers.

Deploy lightning fast

Ship AI features instantly with our APIs and save up to 90% on development cost.

Integrate Generative AI in Your Product
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All the tools for shipping generative AI features to your customers fast

Implementing AI into your product shouldn't translate into hundreds of hours spent on research and development. Effortlessly build and launch AI features in days instead of months.

No-code AI workflow builder 

Leverage multiple data sources and AI technologies to automate tasks and generate results, all without the need for coding.

With an intuitive drag & drop UI, you're empowered to build, design, prototype, and deploy custom generative AI workflows to power the next AI feature in your product.

Connect own data sources, write prompts and combine outputs from different LLM providers, like OpenAI, Cohere or Anthropic. Run iterations to improve your workflows at any time, without the need for further deployments.

Integrate Generative AI in Your Product
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Usage metering & billing for AI

Say goodbye to the complexities of building custom billing systems. Models like GPT3.5, GPT4 or Palm have different costs associated to them. Our platform offers a turnkey solution to set up a custom billing structure for monetizing AI for your customers.

Seamlessly integrated, our AI-tailored billing system lets you easily set up complex pricing and define your own internal credit system by which you can charge for the usage of your AI features.

Track and meter usage, collect and aggregate real-time usage data to enforce feature limits and bill your customers effortlessly.

LLM security and observability

Keep an up-to-date overview of your LLM usage with our comprehensive dashboard. Track API requests, overall costs and token usage. Define alerts for rate limits, usage limits, allowed models, and more.

Securely connect to external model providers by provisioning LLM API access from providers like OpenAI, Cohere, Anthropic or Google without distributing API keys.

Gain oversight with granular control and visibility over your AI operations.

Integrate Generative AI in Your Product

About us

We’re a group of passionate product people, developers and entrepreneurs, with several successful SaaS products under our belt.

ModelFuse developed out of our own frustration with implementing AI features in one of our products.

Product teams should be focused on building the best AI features for their users, not on the piping and infrastructure layer of generative AI model integration. So we set out to cover the boring, but crucial part of incorporating AI into your products.

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